Real Tailz

World’s best body attachable tail Spanish French

Real Tailz allow you to attach a realistic looking fox tail, cat tail, or dog tail to your body! The best realistic animal costume. Our wearable tails are the best for cosplay.
Fox costume ideas, cat costume ideas, and dog costume ideas are possible with this excellent faux tail!

Attaches With Skin-Safe Stickers
Spanish French

Medical grade double sided stickers allow you to use these wearable tails on your body or directly on skin. The most realistic cosplay costumes and animal costumes with this fake fox tail, fake cat tail, or fake dog tail! Cute kawaii costume ideas and Halloween costumes.

Soft & Realistic
Spanish French

Wearable tail that looks real! Great for kinky costumes. Excellent cosplay costume and animal costume. Kitsune has white tip like a fox tail. Neko is slender like a cat tail. Inu is bushy like a dog tail. Great kawaii cosplay costume ideas. Makes very cute Halloween costumes with wearable tails.

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